Money Spending Management Application using PHP & Mysql

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money spending management

Spendtrack is a web based Money spending tracking application built using PHP and Mysql. Spendtrack is designed using materializecss front-end framework for beautiful interface.

Features – 
1. Users registration and login.
2. Users are able to update their account detail, change their password and reset their password.
3. Create categories.
4. Add your purchases/spending’s.
5. Filter your spending’s by category and dates.
6. Get top 8 highest spent categories with beautiful graph on dashboard.
7. Built using Materializecss front-end framework.
8. Code is easy to be traced and understand, but please do read our previous tutorials PHP registration and login system using easyphp MVC framework and Tutbuzz Launches EasyPhp A MVC based PHP Framework to understand the code better.

System Requirements –
* Apache Web Server
* MySQL version 5.0 or higher
* PHP version 5.3 or higher

1. Copy the files to the server.
2. Create a database and import sql_dump.sql from the folder.
3. Open .htaccess file and change the folder path.
4. Open library/config.php file and fill in all your site configurations.
5. Done!

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